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Department of Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies


Current Postgraduate Research

Our research students work on a wide range of topics in Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies. Currently the department has 23 research students (22 PhD and 1 MPhil), studying in full-time mode, whose research areas / project titles are as follows:


Translation Technology and Digital Media


  • Colman TSE (PhD) (Multi domain neural machine translation)

  • TU Zhilu (PhD) (Toward a Visualization-Based Framework: Understanding the Translation of State-Run Media on Social Media)
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  • XU Qiliang (PhD-HKPFS) (Interpreter’s interaction with multimodal resources in onsite and remote simultaneous interpreting)
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  • XIE Bina (PhD) (A comparative quality evaluation of machine-translated subtitles on different video platforms)
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Corpus Studies


  • ZHOU Ruiqi (PhD) (Corpus translation/ translation and gender)

  • Fernando GABARRÓN-BARRIOS (PhD-HKPFS) (Risk management in the decision-making process of Chinese to English political translation and interpreting – a corpus-based study.)
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  • ZHANG Miao (PhD) (Corpus study of metaphors in translations of traditional Chinese medical texts).

  • WONG Sum (PhD) (Digital humanities and distant reading: A corpus-based study of metaphor in the translations of contemporary Chinese science fiction).
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  • LUO Lin (PhD) (Metaphorical Rhetoric Cognition in Literary Translation: A Corpus-based Study of the Chinese Translation of Moment in Peking)
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  • Zhu Linqing (PhD) (A Corpus-based Study On the Application of Translation & Writing Norms in Evaluation of Legal Translation)
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Art, Museums and Intersemiotic Translation


  • Pornkamol CHINPRASATSAK (PhD) (Visitors' experiences as a cross-cultural meaning-making process in museums: A case study of Museum Siam)

  • XIANGBAQINGCUO Xxx (PhD-HKPFS) (Museum practices in Tibeten)


Literary Translation and Intercultural Studies 


  • Rena AIKELAMU (PhD-HKPFS) (Performing womanhood in cinemas on the periphery of Asia: A comparative analysis of the representation of women in Uyghur, Kazakh and Kurdish cinema)


  • CHAN Lai Man (MPhil) (Subtitling of obscene language, Cantonese-English)


  • YANG Haohao (PhD) (A comparative study of ethical issues in Wikipedia translation and professional translation: A case study of the E<>C translations published through the Wikipedia Content Translation Tool)


  • LIN Yuan (PhD) (A Study of the English Translation of Yan Lianke's Novels)
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  • WANG Liehui (PhD) (The Chinese translations of Call Me by Your Name: Texts, paratexts and contexts)
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  • GUO Taiting (PhD) (Constructing Oriental: Research on How Space, Time and Characters are Constructed in TV Series SEQUALU: Formosa 1867, Warrior and New Gold Mountain, and How Subtitle Functions in the Process from the Perspective of Postcolonialism)
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  • ZENG Jingxian (PhD) (Cultural Mediation of Press Conference Interpreters in Political Discourses)
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  • LIU Zhicen (PhD) (Interpreters’ Perception to Cognitive Load Affected by the Visual Information Modalities in Simultaneous Interpreting)
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  • FAN Yingying (PhD) (Evaluation of health written materials)


  • WU Zheng (PhD) (Automatic Assessment for Interpreting, Cognition of Interpreting)