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Department of Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies


Experiential Learning




The BA Programme places strong emphasis on experiential learning. In addition to the Placement component of the Translation Major, the Programme also has a Translation Workshop course, as well as a yearly initiative with the Children’s Council. More recently, under the Community Interpreting course, a student interpreting "company", Inter-Link was established.


In addition, different course instructors involve students in other forms of experiential learning, such as publishing projects and departmental conference support.

Translation Workshop

Translation Workshop

Children’s Council


Other Activities

Translation Workshop


About Us


Established in January 1992, the HKBU Translation Workshop is a student-led translation company formed by Translation major students, and now one of the service-learning courses of the University. We provide quality and professional Chinese and English translation services under the supervision of teaching staff from the HKBU Department of Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies. Through hands-on experience, we intend to link our theoretical knowledge with professional practice in order to fulfill the translation needs of our community. The Workshop also aims at nurturing students’ management and leadership potential.


We aspire to make the Department better known to the local translation circle and prospective employers.


Quality Control

To guarantee high quality translation, every translated work is reviewed by two editors and the staff supervisor to ensure that it meets professional standards.


Our Team Structure

Our professional translation service is provided by a team of sixteen members, including a manager, two vice managers, five editors, three PR coordinators, three designers, a DTP Specialist, a CAT specialist, and all of us are translators.


Self Photos / Files - Translation workshop21-22_photo


(First row, left from right):

Aria, Dr. Janice Pan (Staff Supervisor), Daphne, Joyce Peng

(Second row, left from right):

Kim, Alex, Tiffany, Cherrie

(Third row, left from right):

Sandra, Joyce Lui, Hailey, Michelle

(Fourth row, left from right):

Emily, Kate, Johnny, Sabrina, Janice Lau


Members of our team

Manager: Daphne Man

Vice-manager: Aria Au, Joyce Peng

Public Relations: Kim Wong, Alex Lau, Tiffany Lo

Designers: Sandra Chu, Joyce Lui, Hailey Chan

CAT Specialist: Cherrie Wong

DTP Specialist: Michelle Lam

Chinese Language Editor: Emily Tang

English Language Editor: Kate Chung, Johnny Yip

Magazine & Associate Editor: Sabrina Chiu, Janice Lau



Contact Us

If you require further information, we can be reached via email at bu.translationworkshop@gmail.com. We would be grateful if you could provide an approximation of the length of text to be translated as well as the text genre in your enquiry.


You may also contact the following directly:



Daphne Man

Tel no.: (+852) 5544 9169


Vice Manager

Aria Au / Joyce Peng

Tel no.: (+852) 9784 2650 / 5407 4390


Past Clients


The Commercial Press

Graphic Arts Association of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Chiropractors Association Ltd.

Hong Kong Trade Development Council

Lunchbox Theatrical Productions Limited

Marks & Spencer

Oxfam Hong Kong

Professor from Samuel Merritt University

Tsung Tsin Primary School and Kindergarten

World Vision

Zenlinx Limited




Transfeed magazine, produced by students of the Translation Workshop, is launched and available online! Students of TIIS can obtain a free copy from the General Office (OEM1010) during office hours.


TransFeed (Issue 1)

TransFeed (Issue 2)

TransFeed (Issue 3)

TransFeed (Issue 4)


The Translation Workshop would like to thank Memsource for granting us free access to their platform through the Phrase.


Self Photos / Files - Translation worker_poster

Children's Council


The Children’s Council meeting is an event to promote children’s rights jointly organized by three local non-governmental organizations including Against Child Abuse, Hong Kong Committee on Children's Rights and Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF.


The Department of Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies and the Centre for Translation have been sponsoring the translation and interpreting services for the annual Children’s Council meeting since its inception in 2003.


The Department and the Centre lead a team of undergraduate students and graduates of the B.A. in Translation Programme to translate the motion papers and provide simultaneous interpreting for the event. The motion papers are delivered by groups of students from selected secondary schools in the presence of a number of legislative councillors and government officials.


The motion papers are usually published bilingually afterwards and the books will distributed to schools, government departments and non-government organizations.


                                        Self Photos / Files - Children's Council   





Inter-Link is a student-led company that provides Chinese and English interpreting services in different community settings,e.g. medical, legal, and educational. Inter-Link aims to provide high quality and professional interpreting services. 


Contact Us

If you require further information, we can be reached via email at bu.interlink@gmail.com



You may also visit: https://www.hkbuinterlink.com/



Publications by Students



書名: 《 家在香港:非華人族群調查 》

編輯:楊慧儀、應亮 (Yeung, J. & Ying L.)

作者: 程雨虹、祝雍華、何浩申、梁曉嵐、李秭禎、吳軒亦、何倩宜、郭曉媛、姚盼昕、吳嘉琦、文嘉穎、王寶玲、李詩蓓、黃翊琋、馮摯、楊威、廖蔚如、李鎂蘭、郭一驕、陳倩如、歐俊余

出版社:The Rabbit Press
出版日期:2018 年12月


大學作為知識產生的機構,在香港當下的社會環境,學生在當中能夠積極擔當的角色可以是甚麼?對於香港人的身分討論,若我們跳開自身,將眼光投落到其他族裔身上,帶來的思考又會是甚麼?帶著這兩個問題,香港浸會大學翻譯課程的一班學生,透過跨文化研與翻譯一課,以一年多的時間,親身實踐,開展研究調查的工作。由敲定主題,劃定範圍,鎖定訪問對象,搜集文獻資料,撰寫文章再集結出版。《 家在香港:非華人族群調查 》就是這樣而來的一本書。



Student Participation in International Conferences/Symposiums


The 2nd Symposium on Cross-Cultural Identity and Identity Reconstruction

History and Stories of Overseas Chinese Returnees in the 20th Century

Featured Talks on TDK & the Role of Chinese in Indonesian Nation Building


Date: 6 April 2019


For details of the symposium, click here.



Students from BA Translation served as interpreters, student speakers and student ambassadors of the event



6th IATIS International Conference – Translation and Cultural Mobility


Date: 3-6 July 2018


For details of the conference, click here.



Department Head talking to student helpers from the BA Translation Programme