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Department of Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies


Talks and Seminars
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TSC, we shall see – Connecting the GBA, Building the future

30 April 2024

Date: 25 - 30 April 2024 (The opening of 24 April is by invitation only)

Mr. Wesley Wong, SC, 27 Mar 2024 (1) upload/event/91/thumbnail/661607a4193ca.png

Translation in the Hong Kong legal context: Bridging gaps in concepts and enhancing access to justice

10 April 2024

Date: 27 March 2024 (Wednesday)
Speaker: Mr. Wesley W. C. Wong, SC, JP
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The 1st TIIS Book Talk Series in 2024: Corpora and Translation Education

15 March 2024

Date: 14 March 2024 (Thursday)
  • Jun Pan (Associate Dean (Research), Associate Head and Associate Professor, Hong Kong Baptist University)
  • Sara Laviosa (Editor) (Associate Professor, University of Bari Aldo Moro)
  • Marie Escribe (Universitat Politècnica de València)
  • Gaetano Falco (Associate Professor, University of Bari Aldo Moro)
  • Mark Shuttleworth (Head and Professor, Hong Kong Baptist University)
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Liturgical Translation as a Domain of Translation Studies

26 January 2024

Date: 25 January 2024 (Thursday)
Speaker: Prof. Taras Shmiher
65ae100d4f3f2[1] upload/event/86/thumbnail/65b3395372e6d.jpg

Emotion Terms in the Orthodox and Catholic Offices for the Dead and Their Translation

26 January 2024

Date: 24 January 2024 (Wednesday)
Speaker: Prof. Taras Shmiher
TW Talk (2) upload/event/85/thumbnail/65ae105f71c2f.png

Conversations with Impact: Insights from Community Leaders and Alumni

22 January 2024

Date: 17 January 2024 (Wednesday)
Guest Speakers:
Mr. Lincoln Leung
Ms. Rebecca Yuen
Alumni Speakers:
Ms. Kelly Cheung
Ms. Alicia Koo
Ms. Michelle Lam
Prof. Galin Tihanov Talk-2 (1) upload/event/81/thumbnail/65966b445875c.jpg


4 January 2024

Date: 19 December 2023 (Tuesday)
Speaker: Prof. Galin Tihanov
BTS1215 (1) upload/event/80/thumbnail/65966ad5e2d20.png

Interlingual Readings of Political Discourse: Translation, Interpreting and Contrastive Analysis

4 January 2024

Date: 15 December 2023 (Friday)

Speakers (volume editors):

  • Jun Pan (Associate Dean (Research), Associate Head and Associate Professor, Hong Kong Baptist University)
  • Sandra L. Halverson (Professor, University of Agder)
  • Jeremy Munday (Emeritus Professor, University of Leeds)

Speakers (chapter authors) (in alphabetical order):

  • Sangeeta Bagga-Gupta (Professor-Chair, Jönköping University)

  • Bart Defrancq (Associate Professor, Ghent University)

  • Alan Partington (Professor, Bologna University)

  • Aprameya Rao (multimedia journalist, NDTV)

  • Shanshan Yang (Central China Normal University)

UMBA Talk - 1 Dec (1) upload/event/78/thumbnail/6572837b17866.jpg

UMBA: Building Brain Atlases for Interdisciplinary Collaboration

8 December 2023

Date: 1st December 2023 (Friday)
Speakers: Prof. Victoria Lei, Prof. Defeng Li and Prof. Ruey-Song Huang
Prof. Lei HKBU Talk upload/event/76/thumbnail/6566bcf4cb4ba.jpg

Unraveling the Influence of Musical Acuity in Oral Interpreting: An fMRI Study into the Overlap of Language and Music

29 November 2023

Date: 27th November 2023 (Monday)

Speaker: Prof. Victoria Lei

6501783757206[1] upload/event/73/thumbnail/653f6547d4f2d.png

Hong Kong Sign Language

30 October 2023

Date: 4, 11, 18, 25 October 2023 (Wednesdays)

Speaker: SLCO-CR

650bac59c4471[1] upload/event/72/thumbnail/6524b437ec144.jpg

(Exhibition Talk) David Hawkes: The Art of Translation

10 October 2023

Date: 9 October 2023 (Monday)

Speaker: Prof. John Minford

*Click here to access the recording of the talk

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Information Day: TIIS Programme Briefing and Thematic Talk

9 October 2023

Date: 7 October 2023 (Saturday)

Host: Dr Yau Wai Ping (TIIS, Hong Kong Baptist University)

Speaker: Dr Luis Damián Moreno García (TIIS, Hong Kong Baptist University)

650175eec5723[1] upload/event/69/thumbnail/6510e6c3981e9.jpg

The 3rd TIIS Book Talk Series in 2023: Translation Tools and Technologies

25 September 2023

Date: 22 September 2023 (Friday)


  • Prof. Andrew Rothwell (Professor Emeritus of French and Translation Studies, Swansea University, UK)
  • Dr. Joss Moorkens (Associate Professor of School of Applied Language and Intercultural Studies, Dublin City University, Ireland)
  • Prof. Joanna Drugan is (Professor of Translation and the Head of the Department of Languages and Intercultural Studies, Heriot-Watt University, UK)
  • Prof. Frank Austermuehl (Professor of Languages and Intercultural Communication, Nottingham Trent University, UK)

Moderator: Prof. Mark Shuttleworth (Professor and the Head of Department of Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University)

64e849e153a64[1] upload/event/65/thumbnail/64f82253236a2.png

Development of English-Japanese Simultaneous Interpretation Corpus and Automatic Simultaneous Speech Translation

6 September 2023

Date: 4 September 2023 (Monday)

Speaker: Prof. Katsuhito Sudoh (Associate Professor, Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST), Japan)

AA_n upload/event/62/thumbnail/647da6e53cdc2.jpg

International Symposium on “Affective Anthropocene: Contextualizing Feelings and Environments under Climate Change”

5 June 2023

Date: 1-2 June 2023 (Thursday to Friday)

Speakers: Dr Jessica Yeung (TIIS, Hong Kong Baptist University), Dr Yau Wai Ping (TIIS, Hong Kong Baptist University)

Moderators: Timmy Chih-Ting Chen, Howard Choy, Daisy Tam, Emily Zong

645dfba9ad74b[1] upload/event/61/thumbnail/6477fae9d5716.png

Book Launch Forum: Translation Technology in Hong Kong: New Opportunities in a New Age

1 June 2023

Date: 30 May 2023 (Tuesday)


Prof. Chan Sin-wai, School of Humanities and Languages, CIHE

Prof. Mark Shuttleworth, Department of Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies, HKBU

Prof. Liu Qun, Chief Scientist of Speech and Language Computing, Noah's Ark Lab, Huawei

Prof. Wong Kam Fai, Faculty of Engineering, CUHK

64350cb90abbd[1] upload/event/57/thumbnail/6450b01374370.jpg

Book Launch: Interpreter Training in Conflict and Post-conflict Scenarios

2 May 2023

Date: 26 April 2023 (Wednesday)

Speakers: Dr Lucia Ruiz Rosendo (FTI, University of Geneva), Dr Marija Todorova (TIIS, Hong Kong Baptist University) and Prof. Jesús Baigorri-Jalón (University of Salamanca)

Moderator: Dr Janice Pan (TIIS, Hong Kong Baptist University) 

Video: here

642100100cbb7[1] upload/event/55/thumbnail/643509318e6a2.png

A Garden of Winding Paths: Towards the autobiography of a translator

11 April 2023

Date: 6 April 2023 (Thursday)

Speaker: Prof. John Minford



64210c755858f[1] upload/event/54/thumbnail/643508dfb8823.png

SIGN LANGUAGE WORKSHOP (II) Sign Language in Medical Settings

11 April 2023

Date: 4 April 2023 (Tuesday)

Speakers: Ms Heidi Man Ho Ching and Ms Amy Bou Suet Yee

Playback Theater upload/event/52/thumbnail/6419317faa3fc.jpg

Playback Theatre Taster Workshop

21 March 2023

Date: 21 March 2023 (Tuesday)

Speaker: Ms Kiki Ng 

TSCAHK upload/event/50/thumbnail/6413db94e7560.jpg

Finding Hope and Inspiration in the Face of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex: 3CM Screening and Sharing

17 March 2023

Date: 14 March 2023 (Tuesday)

Speaker: Ms Rebecca Yuen

Magistrate event upload/event/48/thumbnail/64080f2e23b03.jpg

About the Criminal Procedure and the Coroner’s Court

7 March 2023

Date: 7 March 2023 (Tuesday)

Speaker: Mr William Lam

Discussant: Mr Tsang Man Sang 

Chinese Medicine Day-Covid-19 Herbal Medicine upload/event/45/thumbnail/640565f7039a3.jpg

Emotions & Traditional Chinese Medicine

6 March 2023

Date: 28 February 2023 (Tuesday)

Speaker: Mr Yi Chung Cheung 

Online Collaborative Translation in China and Beyond Community, Practice, and Identity By Chuan Yu upload/event/44/thumbnail/6405658f63d6c.png

Book Talk: Online Collaborative Translation in China and Beyond: Community, Practice and Identity by Chuan Yu

6 March 2023

Date: 27 February 2023 (Monday)

Moderator: Dr Robert Neather (TIIS, Hong Kong Baptist University)

Speaker: Dr Chuan Yu (TIIS, Hong Kong Baptist University)

Video: here

Essentials of Good Communication upload/event/42/thumbnail/63fb6ffc2eeeb.jpg

Essentials of Good Health Communication

26 February 2023

Date: 21 February 2023 (Tuesday)

Speaker: Dr Jennifer Eagleton (Hong Kong Metropolitan University)

Reliving the Past in Dialogue - 10 Dec 2022 - Poster (2) upload/event/37/thumbnail/6398048752026.jpg

Reliving the Past in Dialogue: A History of Translation in Hong Kong

10 December 2022

Date: 10 December 2022 (Saturday)

Interviewers (in alphabetical order): Dr Elsie Chan, Dr Bo Li, Dr Yu-kit Cheung and Dr Janice Pan

Interviewees (in alphabetical order): Prof. Nam-fung Chang, Prof. Serena Jin, Prof. John Minford, Prof. Joseph Poon, Prof. King-kui Sin, Mr Chi-cheung Sung, Mr Man-sang Tsang and Prof. Cheng-shu Yang

Blue And Orange Corporate Business Webinar Poster-2 upload/event/36/thumbnail/639803d9e26da.png

Book Talk: Translation as Actor-Networking

9 December 2022

Date: 9 December 2022 (Friday)

Moderator: Dr Marija Todorova (TIIS, Hong Kong Baptist University)
Speaker: Dr Wenyan Luo (Lingnan University)

Video: here

Academic Writing Workshop for Research Postgraduate Students upload/event/38/thumbnail/63b790467d5da.png

Academic Writing Workshop for Research Postgraduate Students

2 December 2022

This academic writing workshop offers practical techniques for academic writing, including lessons on: refining your research topic, structuring research arguments, writing style and voice, revising for effectiveness and clarity, productively handling peer review and feedback, as well as opportunities to practice these skills with colleagues.


Only HKBU Research Postgraduate students in the School of Creative Arts, School of Communication, and the Department of Translation, Interpreting, and Intercultural Studies are eligible to attend. Participants will be expected to discuss their research projects and do writing exercises. We will workshop research topics, methods, and arguments together. Come prepared to share and engage with colleagues!


Date: 2 December 2022 (Friday), 3 December 2022 (Saturday) and 6 December 2022 (Tuesday)

Speakers: Dr Catherine Hardie,  (TIIS, Hong Kong Baptist University) and Dr Jason Coe (AF, Hong Kong Baptist University)

Poster (002) upload/event/33/thumbnail/637afebd374b2.png

Encountering China's Past: Translation and Dissemination of Classical Chinese Literature

21 November 2022

Date: 15 July 2022 (Friday)

Moderator: Dr Marija Todorova (TIIS, Hong Kong Baptist University)

Speakers: Dr Lintao (Rick) Qi (Monash University) and Dr Shani Tobias (Monash University)

Video: here (Part 1), here (Part 2)

Multilingual upload/event/30/thumbnail/62bbc25a87c48.png

Multilingual SI Conference with Macquarie University

28 June 2022

Date: 17 May 2022 (Tuesday)




About the Legal System in Hong Kong upload/event/27/thumbnail/628230b0ab704.jpg

Inter-Link Talk Series: About the Legal System in Hong Kong

16 May 2022

Date: 23 April 2022 (Saturday)

Speaker: Mr. Jerry Tam Kwok Wah

Court Interpreting Poster upload/event/25/thumbnail/625834c0d7bcf.jpg

Court Interpreting

14 April 2022

Date: 10 April 2022 (Sunday)

Speaker: Prof. Julie Johnson



TCM Poster upload/event/26/thumbnail/625835e1c310e.png

Inter-link Traditional Chinese Medicine Interpreting Day

14 April 2022

Date: 2 April 2022 (Saturday)

Speaker: Prof. Huang Bin (SCM, Hong Kong Baptist University)

Marija Book Talk Poster upload/event/29/thumbnail/62a315bd8d9f2.png

Book Launch: The Translation of Violence in Children's Literature

10 June 2022

Date: 28 March 2022 (Monday)

Speaker: Dr Marija Todorova (TIIS, Hong Kong Baptist University)

Video: here

Sign Language Workshop upload/event/22/thumbnail/623de6485deea.jpg

Sign Language Workshop

25 March 2022

Date: 18 March 2022 (Friday)

Speakers: Ms Man Ho Ching, Heidi & Ms Bou Suet Yee, Amy (SLCO Community Resources)

Podcast & Voice Training upload/event/21/thumbnail/622ee9cee81da.jpg

Podcast and Voice Training

14 March 2022

Date: 11 March 2022 (Friday)

Speaker: Mr Colin Mak


Arts Does Method2022_Defrancq_poster upload/event/17/thumbnail/6205cff119a38.png

Corpus Data for Interpreting Studies: Fooling Around

11 February 2022

Date: 10 February 2022 (Thursday)

Speaker: Prof. Bart Defrancq (Ghent University)

The Role of Henri Borel in Chinese Translation History upload/event/16/thumbnail/61fcb139d7221.jpg

Book Launch: The Role of Henri Borel in Chinese Translation History

28 January 2022

Date: 28 January 2022 (Friday)

Speaker: Dr Audrey Heijns (Shenzhen University)

Poster upload/event/11/thumbnail/6184976866812.jpg

New Book Launch: Interpreting Conflict

29 October 2021

Date: 29 October 2021 (Friday)

Speakers: Dr Lucia Ruiz Rosendo (University of Geneva) and Dr Marija Todorova (TIIS, Hong Kong Baptist University)

Video: here

Ineke Crezee upload/event/2/thumbnail/606883e0788da.jpg

The Use of Reflective Blogs in Non-Language Specific Interpreter Education

26 April 2019

Date: 26 April 2019 (Friday)

Speaker: Ineke Crezee (University of Auckland)

LectureWorkshopSeries_Professor Arnt Lykke Jakobsen_Poster upload/event/5/thumbnail/6068853b55835.jpg

Lecture and Workshop Series on Translation Process Research

13 March 2019

Date: 13 & 28 March 2019 (Wednesday & Thursday)

Speaker: Prof. Arnt Lykke JAKOBSEN (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark)

20190308_Film screening_poster upload/event/6/thumbnail/60f0e1bb6f792.jpg

Film Screening: The Day of Reckoning 臘月三十日到來 (Post-screening discussion with director XU Xing)

8 March 2019

Date: 8 March 2019 (Friday)

Post-screening discussion with director XU Xing

6.3_2 upload/event/1/thumbnail/5facc043d0fb0.jpg

A Career as a Simultaneous Interpreter in the HKSAR Government

23 April 2018

Date: 23 April 2018 (Monday)

Speaker: Ms. Jacqueline FU (Chief Simultaneous Interpreter, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR))

For more talks and seminars, organized by the Centre for Translation as part of its Monthly Seminar Series, please visit the Centre for Translation website.