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Department of Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies


Message from the MATRAN Programme Director


Welcome to the MA in Translation and Bilingual Communication (MATRAN), a unique programme that combines rigorous training in written translation, interpreting (T&I), translation technology and bilingual communication.


MATRAN admitted its first cohort of students in 2008. It was set up with the aim of training a new generation of language professionals to communicate effectively in multilingual scenarios. The programme now consists of three streams: Interpreting, Practical and Technology, each with its own particular curricular focus.


  • The Interpreting Stream focuses on training students in different modes of interpreting including consecutive, simultaneous and conference interpreting, and on providing them with extensive practical experience in the relevant professional skills and strategies.

  • The Practical Stream focuses on providing students with intellectual stimulation by encouraging them to reflect on professional issues, to develop conceptual, analytical and linguistic skills that can inform professional translation activity, and to refine their organisational and presentational skills.

  • The Technology Stream (newly established in 2021) focuses on equipping students with the latest technological tools and vital knowledge and experience in the rapidly developing area of translation technology including translation memory, machine translation, localization and audio-visual translation. We welcome applicants from all language backgrounds to apply.

MATRAN is committed to ‘research-led’ teaching and has enjoyed a time-honoured teaching excellence, helping our students develop critical, analytical and transferable skills. The MATRAN team is formed by dedicated faculty members who are not only experts in T&I training and research areas, but also professional translators and interpreters who understand and value students’ needs in and beyond the classroom.


We update and revise the curriculum continuously as we assess career trends and the needs of our students. Many of MATRAN’s former students are now working in fields such as translation, interpreting, localization, business, media, editing, education, public relations and administration. Some of our graduates have chosen to pursue research in Translation Studies and related subjects. In an age when skills in multilingual communication are essential for success in almost every area, a taught postgraduate programme such as MATRAN can offer you a brand-new perspective on the world and give you an edge in the job market.


I look forward to meeting each of you and helping you as you embark on your journey with us through language and culture!


Nan Zhao

Programme Director

MA in Translation and Bilingual Communication

Assistant Professor

Department of Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies