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Department of Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies


Fields of Study

The Department invites applications in a broad range of fields of study in which its academic staff have expertise. These include:


Translation and Intercultural Studies


History of Translation; Translation Theory; Chinese Discourse on Translation; Western Translation Theory; Comparative Study of Chinese and Western Translation Theory; Applied Translation Studies; Literary Translation; Power and Translation; Gender and Translation; Discourse Analysis; Drama Translation; Translation and the Performing Arts; Translation and Postmodernism; Translation Pedagogy; Professionalism and Translating; Translation and Intuition; Translation and Museums; lntersemiotic Issues in Translation; Scientific Translation; Audiovisual Translation; Tibetan Studies; Buddhism and religious translation; Intercultural Reception of Minority Cultures.


Interpreting Studies


Cognition of Interpreting; Interpreting Pedagogy; Corpus-based Interpreting Studies; Political Interpreting; Professionalism and Interpreting; Power and Interpreting; Conference Interpreting.



Recent Theses


Some recent examples of theses completed in the Department include:



An Ethnohistoric Investigation of the Operation and Function of Translation in the Dissemination of Chinese Xiqu in the US: A study of Three Encounters (WANG Hing Suen Teresa)


Crossing the Chasm: Embodied Empathy in Medical Interpreter Assessment (LAN Wei)


The Subtitler’s Visibility Management: A Case Study of WHV’s and YYeTs’s Chinese Translation of The Big Bang Theory (HUANG Boyi, MPhil) 


Back-translating as Re-narrating: A Case Study of the Chinese Translations of Peter Hessler’s ‘China Trilogy’回譯與重敘研究 :以彼得・海斯勒「中國三部曲」英中翻譯為例 (WU Yinran)


Alice’s Travels in the Chinese Language: The Role of the Translator in Translating Children’s Literature愛麗絲的華文之旅: 兒童文學翻譯中的譯者角色研究 (LI Xueyi)


Collaborative Translation in Online Communities of Practices: An Ethnographic Study of Yeeyan (YU Chuan)


Legal Interpreters for Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong: Identities and Cultural Mediation (Sangi GURUNG)


The Ethics of Reciprocity in Translation: The Development of a Cross-Cultural Approach (XIN Guangqin)


A Study of Wolf Totem and Red Poppies: An Intertextual Analysis of English Translations of Two Chinese Novels Set in China's Ethnic Minority Regions《狼圖騰》、《塵埃落定》英譯研究: 從互文性角度分析兩部以中國少數民族邊地為背景的中文小說英譯 (LI Huimin)


Representation, Discourse and Identity: A Study of English Translations of Dao De Jing by Chinese Translators during the Period 1936-1950 表徵、話語、身份: 1936年-1950年中國譯者英譯《道德經》之研究 (LIU Jixiang)


A Delezuean-Guattarian Approach of "Becoming" to Translation: Illustrated by Two Case Studies in the Chinese Translation of Western Autobiographical Narratives德勒茲和伽塔里「動態形成」理論視角下的翻譯研究: 以兩個西方自傳譯敘文本為例 (WANG Qiong)


Translation as Transculturating: A Study of Dai Wangshu’s Translations of Lorca’s Poetry from an Integrated Sociological-Cultural Perspective (Jesús SAYOLS LARA, PhD Fellow)


Images of the Western Balkans in English Translations of Contemporary Children’s Literature (Marija TODOROVA, PhD Fellow)


Translating Western Musicals in Chinese: Texts, Networks, Consumers (Stella Lanxing SORBY, PhD Fellow)