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Department of Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies


Our Graduates

Our PhD graduates have found positions predominantly in the academe, both in the region and further afield, while our MPhil graduates have successfully moved on to PhD studies in leading institutions elsewhere. The following are two recent examples:


Dr. WANG Hing Suen Teresa (PhD, part-time, 2020)

Assistant Professor, School of Arts and Social Sciences, The Open University of Hong Kong

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I was a part-time PhD student and it was not an easy seven years. Postgraduate Research students have the advantage of stationing at the department, thus also the proximity and support of teachers and peers. Though as a part-time student I was not able to take full advantage of that, I still felt a strong bonding between me and the teachers and peers. The teachers were all extremely willing to spend time discussing problems with me and provide the help I needed. I am forever grateful to them all, in particular my two supervisors, who have placed immense faith in me. Being a part-time student, I was also not able to participate in all the academic activities held on campus. However, the Graduate Seminar, which provides the chance for RPg students to share their work with each other regularly, was particularly useful to me. Through consolidating and presenting my arguments to my peers, it gave me the chance to receive feedback and see where more work was needed. It was also at these seminars held throughout the school year where we learned from each other and were exposed to a wider range of topics in the latest research areas. Though my journey was not an easy one, I enjoyed every minute of it and continue to savour every aspect of my learning experience with the Department of Translation, Interpreting, and Intercultural Studies of HKBU.

Dr. WU Yinran (PhD, 2019)

Lecturer, Department of Translation, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


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I enjoyed my four-year learning experience at our department. As a close-knit, lovely community, the department has a warm and supportive learning ambiance, which has made my PhD studies never a solitary quest. I have gained solid support from my supervisors and other teachers, who constantly inspired me to think critically about my research and beyond. My peers, with whom we shared the same office, also genuinely shared with me their insights. I also had ample chances to be exposed to new ideas at our monthly academic talks by translation scholars from around the world and to make voices heard in our regular PG seminars. These experiences have become an enduring legacy that shapes the ways I look at translation and prepares me for new challenges. I believe the moments of my PhD life at BU will stay gold.


Graduation list


  • GABARRON BARRIOS Fernando (MPhil)


  • CHEUNG Hong Sang Enoch (PhD)


  • WANG Hing Suen Teresa (PhD)


  • HUANG Boyi (PhD)
  • LAN Wei (PhD)
  • WU Yinran (PhD)