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Department of Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies



All students undertake an internship, known as “Placement”, normally in Semester 2 of their third year. The Placement carries 3 credits and is undertaken either on a project basis, involving a minimum of 7,500 words of translation work, or on an hourly basis for a period of not less than 42 hours. The choice of mode will depend on the needs of the employer and on the nature of the work undertaken.


Some students may prefer to intermit their studies, taking one year out to do a full-time year-long placement. In this case, a further 3 credits will be awarded, meaning that a total of 6 credits will be awarded to students who take a one-year Placement.


Students typically fulfill their Placement in organizations where translation or the use of Chinese and English form an important part of their daily operation. The nature of the work may include editing, translating, interpreting, copywriting, text drafting, information collection and extraction, proof-reading, vetting, or preparation of Public Relations literature.


In the semester before their Placement (Semester 1 of Year 3), students take the course “Professional Studies” as a preparation for their Placement. The course covers a variety of issues including workplace ethics.


Students are usually paid a reasonable salary, generally two-thirds that of a graduate employee with equivalent responsibilities. The employing institution is required to treat the student fairly, and provide training for the job as required.


Some of the many companies and organizations who have participated in the Placement programme include:


  1. Cable News Network (CNN)
  2. CNN Turner
  3. Chanel
  4. Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC)
  5. Green PR Company Ltd.
  6. Hong Kong Jockey Club
  7. Hong Kong Red Cross
  8. Linguitronics Company Ltd. (Taiwan and Shanghai)
  9. Securities and Futures Commission
  10. Transamerica Life (Bermuda) Ltd.
  11. UNICEF
  12. Upfront Associate (HK) Ltd.
  13. Wordidea Language Services Limited


During their workplace training, students will have access to professional advice and counselling support, and the Programme has established a network of Professional Mentors who are experienced graduates of the Programme. Assessment of student performance is based on employer feedback and on a portfolio submitted by the student.