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Department of Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies


Academic Staff

YEUNG, Jessica W. Y.

Associate Professor

(852) 3411 5032

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-7951-2601

Academic Qualifications


2002 Ph.D., Middlesex University (School of Fine Arts and Performing Arts Studies), London
Thesis title: “Xiqu and Modernisation: The Transformations of the Chinese Traditional Theatre in the Process of Social Formation of Modern China”
This thesis studies the relationship between traditional Chinese theatre and China’s modernisation in the 19th and early 20th centuries.
1997 M.Phil., The University of Hong Kong (Department of Comparative Literature)
Thesis title: From China to Nowhere: Gao Xingjian’s Writings from the Late 1970s to the Early 1990s
This thesis studies Gao Xinjiang’s fictional and dramatic works written in China before he took up residence in Europe.
1990 B.A.(Hons), Major in Translation (Faculty of Arts), The University of Hong Kong



Academic Positions Held


Sept. 2002 – present Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
Assistant Professor and Associate Professor,
Department of Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies;
Associate Director, Centre for Translation (June 2006 – May 2009) ;
Director of M.A. Programme in Translation and Bilingual Communication (September 2008 – August 2009)

Dec. 2016 –

Jan. 2017

School of Letters, Osaka University, Japan

Visiting Associate Professor



Courses Taught

Ph.D. Supervision


  • "Representations of Women in Ethnic Minority Cinemas” (on-going)
  • 《閻連科小説英譯研究》(on-going)
  • "Art-writing as Intersemiotic and Interlingual Translation” (completed)
  • "The Role of Bilingual Writing/Translation in Mei Lanfang’s 1930s Overseas Performance Tour and Pai Hsien-yung’s 2010s Overseas Kunqu Project” (completed)
  • “The Vicissitudes of the Authentic Self: A Literary Mapping of the Authentic Self from John Milton's Paradise Lost to Bret Easton Ellis' Glamorama” (completed)

Ph.D. Co-supervision


  • “中國三部當代少數民族題材小說英譯研究” (completed)
  • “中國建國後十七年文學英譯研究” (completed)
  • “從女性主義角度看«傲慢與偏見»中譯本研究”(completed)


At M.A. Level


  • Research Methodology for Translation Studies
  • Bilingual Writing for Creative Industries
  • Adaptation and Rewriting
  • East-West Theatre: A Comparative Approach

At Undergraduate Level


  • Practical Translation I, II, III
  • Principles and Techniques of Translation

  • Interpreting I, II
  • Advanced Interpreting
  • Literary Translation

  • Drama Translation
  • English for Translators
  • Translating Across Media
  • Translation Theories II
  • Translation Appreciation, Criticism and Evaluation
  • Culture and Translation
  • Gender and Translation
  • Translation and Intercultural Studies

  • Translation in the Hong Kong Context
  • Intercultural Theatre and Cultural Translation
  • Supervision of Translation Honours Projects


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  • 100 years of Cinema in Xinjiang. A book manuscript as output of a GRF grant.
  • “Tibetan Contemporary Art”. A book chapter to be submitted to a book project.





Ink Dances in Limbo: Gao Xingjian’s Writings as Cultural Translation. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2008.


Book chapters and journal articles


“Augustine Mok Chiu-Yu’s Intercultural Asian People’s Theatre: Imagining ‘The Third Way’ for Hong Kong”, in Rossella Ferrari (ed.), Transnational Chinese Theatres: Intercultural Performance Networks in East Asia, London: Palgrave Macmillan, forthcoming in 2020.


“Translationese as Dissent: The Use of Translationese in Zhang Chengzhi’s History of the Soul and Yan Lianke’s The Four Books”, in Yifeng Sun and Chris Song (eds.), Translating Chinese Art and Modern Literature, London & New York: Routledge, 2019, 172-185.


“Environment and Social Justice in Chinese Documentaries: Hope or Crisis?”. in Kwai-cheung Lo and Jessica Yeung (eds.). The Chinese Shock of the Anthropocene: Image, Music and Text in the Age of Climate Change. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2019. 37-55.


〈以歷史書寫傳統和現代-在《瞻對》及《心靈史》中回眸歷史〉, 載《中國現代文學》, 2016年第29期,頁 47-66。





“Reading Gao Xingjian’s Treatment of Freedom in Soul Mountain and One Mans Bible in the Sartrean Framework”, in Michael Lackner and Nikola Chardonnens (eds.), Polyphony Embodied: Freedom and Fate in Gao Xingjian’s Writings, Berlin & Boston: Walter de Gruyter GmbH, 2014, 79-92.


“The Untranslatable Chineseness of Speaking: Translation Accuracy and Narrative Voice in Zhang Chengzhi’s Heijunma and its Translation”, in Translation Quarterly, No.71, 2014, 68-94.


 “Danny Yung in Search of Hybrid Matter and Mind: Zuni’s Experimental Xiqu”. In Visual Anthropology. Vol.24(1-2), 2011. 124-138.


〈劇院與銀幕:二十世紀早期京劇兩種新的“感觸結構”〉,《文藝研究》,2010年第2期,頁72 至78。


 “The Song of the Earth: An Analysis of Two Interlingual and Intersemiotic Translations”. The Translator. Vol.14, No.2, 2008. 273-294.


 “Audio Description in the Chinese World”. In Media Accessibility. Aline Ramael, Pilar Orero and Jorge Diaz-Cintas eds. Amsterdam: Rodopi. 2007. 232-244.




Tharlo: Short Story and Film Script by Pema Tseden. 2017. A book-length translation and edited volume with co-authored critical introduction (21,000 words). Hong Kong: MCCM Creations and Hong Kong University Museum and Art Gallery. 267 pages.


English subtitles of the film A Family Trip (2017, approx. 90 minutes) directed by Ying Liang and commissioned by the Kaosiung Film Festival.

English subtitles of documentary Records of Jiapiangou. Directed by Ai Xiaoming. (2016, approx. 120 minutes)


English subtitles of the film Tharlo (2015, 123 minutes) directed by Pema Tseden for screenings at MoMA New York, over 20 cinemas in the U.K., and dozens of international film festivals including Venice, Paris, London, Busan, Tokyo, etc. October.


Two Girls from Ngau Tau Kok. 《牛頭角兩條女》. A play by Amy Chan and Janet Tam. Translated for BBC Radio: World Plays Series. Broadcast on 5th March 2003 on BBC Radio World Channel.



Creative Works


Acting in short film Memory of Water, directed by Mary Stephen. Screened in 2019 in Hong Kong and a few international short film festivals.


Producing and researching for Qarangghu Tagh: Villages Afar, Producer of a 73-minute documentary film. Screened in Oct 2014 in Chinese Documentary Festival, Hong Kong. Received Outstanding Hong Kong Documentary 2014. Selected for Chinese Documentary Grand Prize Competition.


Directing, script-writing and performing in the theatre production Sand/Moon: Jamming Muqam. Premiered in the New Vision Festival in Kwai Tsing Blackbox Theatre. November, 2010.

2013 – 2015 Advisor for ACAD Funding Scheme, Home Affairs Bureau, HKSAR Government
2006 – Present Member, Editorial Advisory Committee, New Voice: an on-line journal of Translation and Interpreting Studies. Published by the International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies
2006 –2008 Member of the Drama Committee and the Festival Committee of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, appointed by The Home Affairs Bureau
2004 – 2006

Member, Executive Committee, Hong Kong Translation Society

Interpretation, Caritas Francis Hsu College

2001 –2006 Member of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council and Chairperson of Arts Criticism Group, appointed by the HKSAR Chief Executive