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Department of Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies


Current Postgraduate Research

Our research students work on a wide range of topics in Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies. Currently the department has nine research students (seven PhD and two MPhil), studying in full-time mode, whose research areas / project titles are as follows:


Translation Technology and Digital Media


  • Colman TSE (PhD) (Machine translation)


  • TU Zhilu (PhD) (Translation on Twitter and Weibo)


Corpus Studies


  • Fernando GABARRÓN-BARRIOS (MPhil) (“Corpus re-engineering: Leveraging interpreting corpora for text data mining analyses”)


  • ZHANG Miao (PhD) (Corpus study of metaphors in translations of traditional Chinese medical texts).


Art, Museums and Intersemiotic Translation


  • CHEUNG Hong Sang, Enoch (PhD) ("Intersemiotic relations between contemporary art and art-writings: Three cases in the Sinophone sphere")


  • Pornkamol CHINPRASATSAK (PhD) ("Visitors' experiences as a cross-cultural meaning-making process in museums: A case study of Museum Siam")


Translation and Intercultural Reception of Film and Literature


  • Rena AIKELAMU (Hong Kong PhD Fellow) ("Performing womanhood in cinemas on the periphery of Asia: A comparative analysis of the representation of women in Uyghur, Kazakh and Kurdish cinema")


  • CHAN Lai Man (MPhil) (Subtitling of obscene language, Cantonese-English)


  • LIN Yuan (PhD) (“A Study of the English Translation of Yan Lianke's Novels”)


  • WANG Liehui (PhD)  (Translasting gay novels in mainland China)