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Department of Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies


Funded Projects and Grant Capture

The Department has a strong record of external grant capture, such as RGC GRF and ECS awards, and has also secured numerous internal grants. The following is a list of funded GRF/ECS projects from 2015/16 onwards, both ongoing and completed.


GRF/ECS Award Year Principal Investigator Project Details
2021/22 LIU Min-hua
  • GRF, Project Number: 12609821
  • Title: Assessing the scope of expertise-driven advantages in bimodal and unimodal bilinguals: A comparison of signed and spoken language interpreters 評估專門技能對雙模態與單模態雙語優勢的影響:手語傳譯員與口語傳譯員之對比研究
  • Fund approved: HK$511,213
  • Ongoing
2020/21  Catherine HARDIE
  • GRF, Project Number: 12610420
  • Title: Digitally mediating Tibetan Buddhism for Han Chinese audiences: a study of the missionary milieu of Sinophone Tibetan Buddhism on WeChat 以數字媒體向漢族群眾傳播藏傳佛教:對微信上藏傳佛教華語傳教環境的研究
  • Fund approved: HK$279,726
  • Ongoing
  • GRF, Project Number: 12607920
  • Title: Neurons and nebulae: Probing patterns of metaphor in original popular science texts and their translations
  • Fund approved: HK$400,890
  • Ongoing
2019/20  LIU Min-hua
  • GRF, Project Number: 12601919
  • Title: Assessing the scope of expertise-driven advantages in bilinguals: A comparison of interpreters and translators 評估專門技能對雙語優勢的影響:口譯員與筆譯員之對比研究
  • Fund approved: HK$600,320
  • Ongoing
  • GRF, Project Number: 12603619
  • Title: Understanding Wikipedia’s dark matter: translation, knowledge and point of view 維基百科之「暗物質」探究:翻譯、知識與觀點
  • Fund approved: HK$281,900
  • Ongoing
2018/19 Maialen MARÍN-LACARTA
  • ECS, Project Number: 22610218
  • Title: Hong Kong and its Literature through a Double Lens: English and French Anthologies of Translated Literature 雙重視野下的香港及其文學:香港文學英譯及法譯選本研究
  • Fund approved: HK$404,800
  • Ceased September 2019 following staff departure 
2017/18 Janice Jun PAN
  • GRF, Project Number: 12611717
  • Title: Competence Development in Student Translators and Interpreters: A Corpus-based Study of Lexical Cohesion 學生口筆譯員的能力發展:詞彙銜接之語料庫研究
  • Fund approved: HK$438,708
  • Completed December 2019
2016/17 Janice Jun PAN
  • ECS, Project Number: 22608716
  • Title: Interpreting into the B language: A corpus-oriented study of pragmatic markers in interpreted political speeches from Chinese to English 譯入B語言:政治演辭中—英傳譯之語用標記使用的語料庫研究 
  • Fund approved: HK$233,368
  • Completed December 2018
  Jessica W.Y. YEUNG
  • GRF, Project Number: 12670716
  • Title: Minority Exoticism in Chinese Music現代中國音樂的異域想像 
  • Fund approved: HK$248,000
  • Completed April 2019
2015/16 Robert NEATHER
  • GRF, Project Number: 12607915
  • Title: Collaborative Practice in Contemporary Buddhist Translation Communities: A Study of Text Production, Expertise Acquisition and Modes of Community Participation in Two Chinese-English Buddhist Translation Projects 當代佛教翻譯社區的協作實踐:兩個中英佛教翻譯項目中的文本產生、專業習得和社區參與模式
  • Fund approved: HK$448,600
  • Completed 2019
  Jessica W.Y. YEUNG
  • GRF, Project Number: 12610315
  • Title: 100 Years of Xinjiang Cinema: Film in Society in Xinjiang 新疆電影一百年:社會語境中的新疆電影 
  • Fund approved: HK$391,486
  • Completed December 2018
  • GRF, Project Number: 12608815
  • Title: Digital Translations in the Making: Hong Kong Contemporary Fiction in Spanish 數碼翻譯的製作流程:香港當代小說的西班牙語翻譯
  • Fund approved: HK$134,240
  • Completed June 2018